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Female Hair Loss Tips For Fuller Looking Hair.


When you experience female hair loss it can become your constant focus, you  search for the solution because what you want is to have more hair, to make your hair look full again. It can become a bit of an obsession similar to someone that has a weight issue that bothers them and they want to correct. It can turn into something that you think about way too often and you are always searching for female hair loss tips and solutions.

When your hair gets thinner it can make a difference to your total appearance and even show up in your lack of confidence.  Your face and hair is something that you cannot realistically keep covered up like you can other parts of your body where problem areas can be easily disguised with the right clothing.

Thinning hair means a loss of volume and this becomes more noticeable as you age. There are a number of different hair textures. Genetically some people have fine limp hair that lacks body, while others have masses of thick strong healthy hair, there’s curly hair, straight hair and anything in between.

I fell into the somewhere in between category, while not really fine I would say my hair texture was more medium, it was never strong and thick or wiry. I was in the hair industry for a number of years and during that time I saw and worked on all types of hair.  If you are someone that has fine hair the loss is usually more noticeable. For most people you may notice your thinner at sometimes more than others this is usually due to where your hair is in the growth phase.

Female Hair Loss TipsHere are a few tips that I recommend and have used myself.

•    Take care not to over process your hair when having any type of treatments done -hair color, bleach, highlights, perms etc.  This can cause breakage and when you already have thin hair it’s the last thing that you need.

•    Don’t over use flat irons and curling irons, anything with excessive heat can damage your hair.

•    You can try products that add volume for fine, fly away hair.

•    To add lift and volume to  your hair at home when you shampoo your hair use a little mouse at the roots of your hair, put your head down then dry your hair upside down, start at the roots until it’s almost dry then finish it off in the usual way. This will give your hair lift. I find this a great help.

•    Use a little backcombing don’t overdo it, back comb near the roots it will give a little lift and if it’s a special occasion lift the hair a little and use a little hair spray.

•    Don’t add too much product to your hair or it will become overloaded and have the opposite effect to what you want.

•    Find a hairstyle that suites you and have your hair trimmed often to get rid of split and untidy ends.

There are lots of natural products available too you don’t have to use a lot of chemicals on your hair.

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