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Top 5 Female Hair Loss Tips


Female hair loss is a serious condition and is mostly frightening and decreases self-esteem of women who experience it. Although it’s a rare occurrence compared to how men experience hair loss, more and more women who go through it increases every year. Unlike hair loss in men, women hair loss usually occurs in patches across the scalp, which begins with hair thinning in one area. There are many different ways to treat female hair loss, some are natural and some are not. Here are the top five female hair loss remedies to help improve or prevent hair thinning.

Relieve yourself from extreme stress and anxiety.

Believe it or not, extreme psychological stress can cause and aggravate hair thinning. Increase your patience and avoid stressing out over petty things. Reduce your stress by finding various ways to express your feelings instead of keeping them bottled up inside you. Find ways to relax and wind down after a busy week at work or school. Once you reduce your stress levels, your thinning hair will be greatly improved.

Consult a doctor. It may be a very good idea to visit a doctor especially if the root cause of your hair loss is a medical problem. Female hair loss is sometimes caused by hormonal changes or imbalance, anemia, or other medical condition that needs to be treated to stop hair thinning. If you start using natural hair loss remedies without identifying or stopping what causes your hair to fall may be a waste of effort.

Eat healthy foods. A good and balanced diet will take care of your body as a whole, including our hair and scalp. B Vitamins are known to reduce or eliminate stress while helping you produce a protein called keratin, which is what our hair needs to be healthy. Eat plenty of foods that are rich in protein, iron, and amino acids, which are nutrients that aid in growth of healthy hair. Next time you go to the supermarket, pickup fish like salmon, spinach, yogurt, whole grains and eggs as these contain the nutrients that your hair and body needs.

Use olive oil.  Natural remedies for female hair loss are readily available and probably the safest and most inexpensive way to reduce hair thinning. Rubbing some olive oil on your hair makes the strands stronger. Another way to improve blood circulation on your scalp which also promotes healthy hair growth is to massage it, and using olive oil to rub on your scalp will aid in softening and removing dead skin which blocks growth.

Change styling habits. Don’t be too harsh on your hair and avoid using products that are not made up of natural ingredients. Some products that contain harsh chemicals strip the hair of natural nutrients that are essential to hair growth. Try to minimize using hair dyes, sprays, styling gels and other products because most of these contain harmful chemicals. Excessive heat from blow-drying, curling and straightening irons exposes the strands to stress which may weaken it and promote or aggravate hair thinning.

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