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Brushing Your Teeth – The Right Way


Brushing is the most essential activity in our daily lives. However, according to estimates, less than 25% of the population knows how to brush their teeth correctly. Teeth are the first step of food intake. The jaw muscles perform tremendous activities and break the food into digestible pieces. Therefore, they are also more susceptible to decay and damage and as a result require special care everyday. On an average, dental cleansing and care takes nearly 5-7 minutes everyday. Therefore, brushing of teeth has to be done 2-3 times a day and in the correct way for the protection and maintenance of teeth.

Right techniques of tooth brushing

1. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush – This is because the harder ones tend to damage your gum. Wet your toothbrush and put a little amount of toothpaste.

2. Holding the toothbrush correctly – The toothbrush should be held at 45 degree angle in the direction of your gums. Clean the upper teeth first. Do not try to clean all the teeth together. At the most you can try cleaning three teeth at one go.

3. Brushing in the right direction – Use backward and forward motions while brushing. Do not exert too much of pressure on your teeth. It is a natural tendency to put a lot of pressure while brushing. Focus on the gum line, because most bacteria are formed on this area as a result of food accumulation.

4. Prioritizing – At first you should clean the teeth that are visible. The chewing teeth and the inner surface of the teeth also need proper care. If the head of the brush does not reach the inner surface, you can vertically use the brush.

5. Cleaning your tongue – It is also important to brush your tongue along with brushing your teeth. This is because bacteria form on the tongue. It also keeps bad breath away.

Using advanced equipment

To brush your teeth by following the correct technique, you need to use certain equipment that will aid you in proper dental care.

Electric toothbrush – It is essential to use a good toothbrush while brushing your teeth. In the past few years, the emergence of electric toothbrush has transformed the tooth brushing trend. Today, people have become much more aware about dental care than in the past. This equipment has made the brushing process easy, smooth and more effective.

Sonic toothbrush – This is also effective in tooth and gum cleaning. It is fine for those who do not know the use of electric toothbrush. sonic toothbrushes are extremely useful in not only cleaning the teeth but also for massaging the gum as it is a sophisticated rotating brush having a smaller head.

Oral care chewing gum – It keeps your teeth and gum fresh because the gum increases the saliva flow. As a result, the acids formed by the bacteria get neutralized and prevents temporary tooth decay.

However, nothing can be a substitute a proper toothbrush and by using the correct technique. It is important to visit the dentist and learn the correct methods of dental cleaning from him.

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