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Dental and periodontal problems can be solved with better oral hygiene. Flossing, rinsing the mouth and taking care of the troubles at the bud stage is really good for your life. Ignoring teeth problems results in decay and a condition that needs a costly treatment. A healthy habit from children to dental healthcare is vital so children must be instructed to clean their teeth after a heartfelt doze of chocolate or other sweets. Children have a sweet tooth and going for chocolates or cola occasionally does not harm them. The most important thing is to instill a routine and help them learn the importance of having things in moderation.

Oral hygiene habits are very simple. Brushing twice a day is the best for cleaning your teeth. Our teeth are precious and harm to them affects our entire system. The hygiene for new teeth in babies is important. Teeth help the child to develop taste and increase their appetite. As per the doctor’s instructions, you may feed new semi solids or other items as per the digestion of the child. Children on exclusive breast feeding will need to wait longer. Growth of teeth and its size and shape is a matter of nature. The growth in a child has to be a matter of all other related achievements and not just the teeth.

Children with a habit of thumb sucking often have buck tooth which becomes a source of embarrassment in the later years. Correcting this habit early is very important. The alignment of the teeth is vital so that it serves cosmetic reasons as they grow and it also important for functioning. The base for permanent teeth is already formed and it is important to take care of the ‘milk teeth’. Generally the notion is that the teeth are temporary but the new permanent teeth can easily get affected. Children do face the problem of painful gums and bad breath has to be treated effectively.

Caries in children are very painful. The decay has to be treated. It is quite a painful experience for the child to be subjected to treatment. A good dentist administers anesthetic to take care of a dental treatment for the child. Decay spreads to other teeth and this will curb a child’s appetite. There are fascinating ideas in tooth brush which is attractive for children. A Dora or a Sponge Bob toothbrush will certainly make the child brush regularly and take care of their teeth. The food particles which get clogged between the gum space and teeth can result in painful cavities and affect the roots of the teeth. Hence brushing and rinsing is recommended.

Children must have a balanced diet. Good scores of Vitamin C and calcium are beneficial for teeth. The hereditary structure of teeth affects its health but corrective measures like hygiene is a good measure to keep teeth healthy. A reputed dentist is important and the child must bond with him or her. Heeding to hygiene habits and corrective treatment to restore teeth health in children must not be delayed. There are special treatments for restoring teeth owing to accidents or other problems in children.

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