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Dental care is very important at all ages


New borns do not have any teeth. But within a few months their gums harden and the first pearly whites begin to show. This is a time for photos, happiness and also a time to start the child on semi solids. The entire dental system is complex but care is the only essential thing that builds a strong dental system. Care for baby teeth is important too. There are so many items available for baby care like teethers and rings which are safe for the child to soothe out the teething troubles.


It is very interesting to note that the growth of teeth starts during pregnancy itself. Though the tooth does not project in the early months, the gums are getting formed for the process. New teeth are a milestone for a baby and a time of awe for parents. New teeth emergence in children is pain free. But many times the child is achieving other milestones and exploring life. Parents often complain of dysentery or fever or even incessant crying while the tooth is emerging. As the gums harden, the child feels subtle irritation. Other digestive problems are related to putting things in the mouth which may cause a stomach infection.

Generally babies get their lower middle teeth early and the symptoms associated with it are the tendency to bite or chew. The commonest symptom is the hardening of gums which makes breast feeding difficult but it is just a phase. A pediatrician will suggest gum ointments or other care but the basic need is to extend extra care during the teething months. Generally the first teeth sprout from 4 to 7 months. It is perfectly fine if the child has her or his teeth after a year. There is no way you can make a teeth sprout as it is a perfectly natural process.

Care for new teeth is a must. The child initially may bite his own lips or try to chew other things. There are interesting teething rings and other water based soft toys available. It might be possible that the child chews anything and everything. During this time, stomach related illness get common and hence one needs to sterilize the items around the child. Fresh mats, pillows and bedcovers keep illness at bay. The child may also develop new tastes which is good for you and the baby.

Taking care of the new teeth and simple massage of gums is quite an experience. Once the child is a year old and has enough number of teeth, you can buy a special toothbrush for the baby and start a brushing regime. The fluoride on the toothpaste has to be minimum and you can concentrate more on the rinsing method. New teeth can be cleaned with brush that can be capped on your index finger for a better grip. On the whole, teething is quite a process. Using a bib around and carry a wash cloth is to wipe off the baby drool timely is recommended.

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