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General Extractions And Wisdom Tooth Problems


Though the wisdom tooth cannot make you wise, it surely improves your threshold towards pain. The proverbial wisdom tooth is the 3rd molar that usually sprouts around the age of 20. Sometimes a bit later too! The position of the tooth is behind and hence it causes a lot of problems. As it does function like a molar and helps you break your food, the molar is strong and quite large. Several times it cuts into the inner cheek skin to cause problems. As we are already used to a set of teeth, making way for a new entrant is quite a matter of adjustment. Wisdom tooth takes time to erupt and hence the lodging of food in them is quite common. Cleaning the wisdom tooth requires effort and it’s definitely worth the effort.

A simple pain killer is more than enough to give you comfort from the painful wisdom tooth. The tooth takes a few weeks and if you having all the 4 sets together, you are surely to be affected. A salt water rinse helps and so does a mild painkiller. Using semi solids for the time being is recommended. In rare cases, the wisdom tooth takes a diversion and here it is slanted. This is a painful condition. Many times the skin and gums take time to get used to the new wisdom tooth. But a dentist will surely recommend the needful. Extraction of tooth is recommended as a last resort. Post extraction a person needs to take proper care. The use of liquids and semi solids is suggested so that it does not cause any strain to the gums and jaws. Usually rest is advised as the case may be.

Treating a cavity in the wisdom tooth is quite a process. The space is constricted and it does not allow easy filling. This can take a lot of your time. The extraction, if required is a long procedure. It is better to take time off your work as the process will require at least 2 days for you to recover. Rest and antibiotics are given to the patient. In certain cases, the tearing of gums can be acute and may require stitches. Extracting a wisdom tooth has to be done by an experienced dentist. Many times the milk teeth does not fall off the natural way and hence the doctor would prefer to remove the same. Extra teeth usually in canines can cause severe problems and this will required to be surgically removed.

Tooth attraction cannot be allotted time. Firstly, it is connected with blood vessels and hence requires a delicate operating procedure. Many times the tooth gets fragmented and this can cause the dentist to devote more time to the operation. A dentist would certainly weigh the need to remove tooth and only in desired circumstances operate on the removal. The impacted wisdom tooth extraction is a long process. There are gels and antibiotics prescribed after the extraction. Tooth decay or extra teeth is often to be treated with a removal process.

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