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Here is what you need to know about Rotator Cuff Pain


Whether it is bowling in cricket or baseball, the players actively involved in all sports using a ball, experience rotator cuff pain from time to time. It starts with minor shoulder pain that is inflicted on the player especially when he makes the movements required for throwing the ball. The shoulder pain, if neglected can cause immense damage to the cartilage and ligaments surrounding the rotator cuff joint.

The damage occurs mainly due to regular abrasion of the cartilage around the rotator cuff. There are many ways of setting this right. It is important that you undertake the treatment right at the early stages, because if the situation is allowed to aggravate, then you might be required to be corrected through surgery. Sports persons especially, cannot let a surgery affect their career especially when there is chance of avoiding it.

What are the common modes of curing rotator cuff pain?

As is well known, the pain generally arises due to abrasion of the cartilage that facilitates the smooth movement of the joint. This damage mainly occurs due to sudden injury, chronic strain, and aging. In case of sports persons, the pain mainly arises due to chronic overuse of the joint. Therefore, medical practitioners who specialize in handling sportsmen, use least invasive methods to cure the problem.

Medical practices that do not invade the body and still cause and effective cure of the problem in the patient’s system are initially used to treat such patients. Often referred to as passive modalities, the most commonly used methods are described below.

1. Pack Treatments: The use of heat packs and ice packs is perhaps the oldest known form of first aid. Although they are commonly used in first aid, regular and concentrated use of the same can bring permanent relief in condition. In case of shoulder pains, heat packs have been found to provide best results, as the pain does not come back after the pack is removed.

2. Massage Therapy: The only way you could make a cure completely permanent is by maintaining the cured state forever. When it comes to orthopedics or cure of diseases in the bone structure, this essentially means maintaining the muscles and cartilage around the afflicted joint in good shape. This is exactly what massage therapy concentrates on. Regular massage not only relieves the pain in the afflicted area but also reduces the chances of abrasion in the zone. The many benefits of massage therapy have been recognized from ancient times. This method is also used with oil and gel application, that helps reduce the pain fast.

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