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Pregnancy And Dental Care


Pregnancy is a very critical time in a woman’s life as the body goes through a lot of changes. It is during this time that a woman should take extra care of her health and well-being. Dental care and hygiene is also very important during this time. It is advised that women should take special oral care when they are pregnant and visit the dentist at regular interval for better care and treatment. It has been found out that neglect of gums and teeth have a bad impact on pregnant woman as well as her fetus.


Let us explore some of the dental problems faced by pregnant women and how they can take care of their oral health during the most vital period in their lives.

Adverse oral condition during pregnancy

Like the rest of a woman’s body, the dental health also undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. Some of these conditions include:

Gingivitis – This is a common condition during pregnancy. It occurs due to the bacteria that are formed in between the teeth. This is more prevalent among women who have a wide gap between their teeth. Those suffering from gingivitis often have bad breath, receding gums that become red, swollen and tender. Oftentimes, there is pus formation on the gum, followed by pain. This requires immediate treatment. If left untreated, it may lead to a more severe disease called periodontitis.

Periodontitis – This causes massive erosion of gum and is caused only when the gingivitis is not treated timely. The bone structure of the dentures also gets affected. It causes inflammation, bleeding, pain and finally loss of teeth. This can happen to anybody. But when a pregnant woman is plagued with this disease, it may cause premature labor and other condition.

Oral tumors – Some women tend to have oral tumors during pregnancy, especially when other diseases of the gum such as gingivitis are left untreated. It is a painful condition that makes life uncomfortable, especially because talking, eating and chewing becomes a problem.

Visiting the dentist

It is important to schedule periodic visits to the dentist, especially in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. This is the time when gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases are mostly diagnosed and require treatment for healthy pregnancy. Routine dental checkup is also recommended during this time. However, any cosmetic treatment of the teeth should be avoided till the time she delivers. Moreover, dental X-rays should be avoided at any cost as the radiation is harmful for the fetus.

Maintaining the right oral hygiene

It is important to brush thrice a day. This will prevent from the accumulation of food particles that causes bacteria in the mouth. An anti-bacterial mouthwash can be used to prevent any bad breath. A healthy diet during pregnancy is also essential for healthy teeth and healthy body. The diet should contain a lot of calcium, niacin and vitamin C. high level of oral hygiene is good for the overall health during pregnancy. Therefore, if an adverse dental condition occurs, it is important to immediately consult the doctor for special treatment and care.

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