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Understanding Dental Discount Plans


In the recent past, an increased number of people are opting for dental discount plans. These are considered to be a cost-effective alternative to expensive health and dental insurance covers. However, even though dental discount plans are riding the popularity chart, a section of people are still not very clear about the concept, which is still nascent. Let us understand the basics of dental discount plans, its strengths as well as its weaknesses.


Basics of dental discount plans

Dental discount plans are designed to offer its members dental care and treatment at an affordable rate than the usual market rate. The service can be availed by paying up a certain amount of fees on a monthly or a yearly basis. The rate of discount can vary based on the amount and nature of the service you require. But in general it is much cheaper than dental insurance covers. For example, there are schemes in which by paying only $90-100 in a year, you are entitled to access a network of dentists in your locality who offer you service and fees at a discounted rate once you display your membership cards to them.

Benefits of dental discount plans

– To avail a dental insurance cover, you need to apply for it and wait till it gets approved. At any time, your insurance cover can be denied on any grounds. There are no such hassles in dental discount plan. Anyone who pays up for that stipulated period of time is entitled to this discount. He will be given a dental discount card to avail dental care and treatment from select dentists.

– As health insurance premiums are becoming costlier, individuals as well as companies are finding it difficult to afford these covers. On the other hand, due to its flexibility and lower interest rate, dental discount plans are seen as a much cheaper alternative. There is also no hidden cost involved in the process.

– Another benefit of a dental discount plan is that you are entitled discounts on certain facilities such as dental cleanups and teeth whitening. These are generally not covered in dental insurance plans.

Disadvantages of dental discount plans

– As it is still not treated at par with insurance, an emergency visit to the dentist may become a problem. Even after becoming a member, the patient ends up paying his medical bills.

– There are a number of unauthorized companies offering dental discount plans. Therefore, if you do not check the authenticity of the firm and their practices, chances are that you might be deceived.

Dental discount plans come with their own pros and cons. Therefore, it depends on you to decide whether you want to opt for this scheme. However, if you wish to go for a dental discount plan, you can look up on the Internet by entering the name of your locality or zip code. Make sure you go through the terms and policies of these companies and the cost involved before you make a final decision. Once you register with a company, you will receive your membership card along with the contact documentation and necessary details.

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